Metro Council Speech

” Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you tonight. GBIMC…God Belongs in My City is an interfaith, non-denominational, and non- political event which features a prayer walk through the streets of downtown Louisville, Praise and Worship at the Great Lawn, all for the purpose of proclaiming that God Belongs in Our City…

Where do people go when disaster strikes? Huricanes Katrina and Sandy,,,earthquakes on the West coast…devastating fires and storms. … and then there are the somewhat silent disasters that plague every community and our nation…over the past 50 years it is heart-breaking to see the prevalence of broken homes and single parent families… child abuse and neglect.

There has been an escalating rate of school dropouts and youth crime …so where can and do the people turn for help, relief, and comfort when disaster strikes, be it large or small?

Government provides wonderful services with firefighters, police, EMS, schools and the National Guard… But these are woefully inadequate to do it all and sustain the help over the long term…

What would happen if the homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and food pantries ceased to exist?… What would Louisville be like without the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Jewish Youth and Family services to name a few…

Our city would descend into the chaos and hopelessness that we see in other countries like Cuba….but in America and in Louisville you have a more-than-willing partner… an army for good in the people of God who gather weekly in our churches, synagogues and places of worship…when government and God’s people synergize their efforts and work together the people and community we all love prospers, to the benefit of our city and to the Glory of God.

So on August 3rd at 9:30am we will peacefully and joyfully gather at the GreatLawn to pray for you, our leaders, and for the city of Louisville… God bless you and the decisions you make on behalf of the people of our city. God
bless our Great Nation and the City of Louisville and join us on August 3rd as we joyfully and boldly proclaim that God Belongs in Our City….Thank you.”

– Doug Semenick, Former UofL Fitness & Strength Coach

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